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Roku devices provide viewers with everlasting entertainment needs. With several channels and premium content spread across its platform, the Roku offers an amazing choice of incredible content through support. They’re both free and paid channels available; go a step further and users will even be able to add hidden channels into a personalized list.

Choose from Roku Categories

Whilst entertainment is endless, the device also has a choice of Live TV through one of its premium subscription services






Setting up is easy

As easy as it is to choose entertainment on the device, setting it up is easy as well. Newer smart TVs possess compatibility to HDMI 2.2 protocols. Additionally, they are equipped with HDMI one or two HDMI ports. For those who own older TVs that are not compatible with the HDMI, may just have to purchase a different line of Roku devices that also come with composite cabling thus helping users transform their older TVs to smart entertainment centers.


Wireless connection

  • list-info-icon Device setup includes plugging the Roku into an HDMI port, either directly in the case of a streaming stick or through the HDMI cable, if it is a Roku box
  • list-info-icon Roku boxes appear slightly superior when compared to the sticks primarily due to their ability to connect directly to the Ethernet for wireless connectivity
  • list-info-icon Once you have plugged the device into the TV, power it on with the help of the power cord and associated adapter
  • list-info-icon With all the gadgets switched on, including the TV, follow the commands and directives issued by the setup wizard on-screen
  • list-info-icon Configuring internet connectivity on the Roku is easy as well; just choose from a list of networks available on the device’s scan and enter the password

Activation code

  • list-info-icon The Roku activation code is one of the most crucial activation steps
  • list-info-icon If you are unable to get past this or have any difficulties with entering the code and syncing the device, just reach out to support homepage for more information
  • list-info-icon Enter the Roku activation code at to download all the movies, TV shows and the vast library of content designed especially for Roku users

Troubleshooting modules

Audio not heard

If the volume levels of the television are low or is on mute, then users will be unable to hear the audio from the Roku player. Composite cables come with separate audio connectors; users should check if the connection for these wires are firm in their respective sockets or get help from support.

    • list-info-icon Choose a different input on the TV to connect the Roku player and then look for audio, most often, the TV’s input may not be working
    • list-info-icon It is not advisable to connect the Roku player through an AVR or a sound bar as this could be a hindrance
    • list-info-icon Nevertheless, check the volume controls on the AVR and ensure that it is ‘unmuted’ or high enough to hear the sounds
    • list-info-icon Modify the audio mode in Roku players that connect to the AVR using an optical or S/PDIF cable. Home -> Settings -> Audio -> HDMI and S/PDIF -> Dolby D for changing audio mode
    • list-info-icon When playing surround sound, audio is not heard then it could be that the AVR, TV or the sound bar do not support the format. Home -> Settings -> Audio -> Audio mode -> Stereo -> HDMI -> PCM-Stereo should rectify it

Videos not visualized

  • list-info-icon A video may not be visualized from the Roku player on to the TV due to several reasons. Sometimes unnoticed, the Roku is not powered on or the streaming player is not connected to the TV directly or even firmly.
  • list-info-icon Avoid connecting it through an AVR or sound bars
  • list-info-icon Furthermore, check if the input or source selected on the TV is appropriate
  • list-info-icon For this use the TV’s remote control to press on the ‘Input’ or ‘Source’ button to check viability
  • list-info-icon Check for instructions on the TV manual for more information about inputs
  • list-info-icon Press ‘Select’ or ‘Enter’ after the screen cycles and ends at the appropriate choice

Updating software

Software updates are usually performed automatically by the Roku player, every 24 hours to 36 hours, even when a video is playing.  If the device won’t appraise the software, then a visual pop-up message stating ‘Unable to update software’ appears even providing options to manually try updating again. When the update is not initiated it could be because Roku’s services are temporarily suspended. The update will recommence, as soon as the services are up. For more help get support.

  • list-info-icon If the error message continues even after trying to manually update the software multiple times, then
  • list-info-icon Check if there is an appropriate network connection for the device
  • list-info-icon Verify router status and connectivity – if the modem and router are both working or not
  • list-info-icon Wireless signal strengths should be in accordance with the usual Roku norms
  • list-info-icon Perform a Settings -> System -> System Restart to reboot the player and alleviate the error

Note: Connect the Roku directly to the wireless router, if you can, using an Ethernet cable

Red light issues

    • list-info-icon At the outset, two kinds of red light issues appear on the Roku.
    • list-info-icon One – when the red light is intermittently flashing
    • list-info-icon Two – when a red light is steadily on and a message stating ‘Your device is overheating’ is seen

Low power

  • list-info-icon Generally, the light in front of the Roku is either white in color or green.
  • list-info-icon If red light flashing is sporadic or alternating, then it points to a ‘low-power’ warning. This means that the device is receiving insufficient power and is at risk of crashing
  • list-info-icon A low-power warning appears on the screen following which, users have to verify if the connectivity between the USB cable and the Roku is secure
  • list-info-icon Always use the cable that came along with the device; others may not be as compatible
  • list-info-icon Change the USB port and see if the red light issue resolves
  • list-info-icon Alternatively, instead of connecting the player through the USB, connect it directly through the power outlet
  • list-info-icon Utilize the power adapter that came along with the device for the purpose


  • list-info-icon On the other hand, if the device is overheating, then disconnect the player completely from all other electronic attachments and wait at least 10 minutes before you plug it in and play again

The support homepage can also alleviate other issues such as not being able to connect to the home network, error code 011 where the Roku cannot connect at all, and if the device has a low signal strength.

Disclaimer presents information only for viewing and browsing and does not guarantee its accuracy or reliability. The content presented here may be questionable and any reliance on this information is at your own risk.