Troubleshoot Roku Overheating Issue

Roku is undoubtedly a revolutionary product that brings together all the aspects of entertainment at a single point. It sports the simplest interface on any device to date. The product line up is vast and simultaneously diverse. There is a product for everyone and not to mention the tons of accessories that you can hook up with the device.

  • All these things apart, Roku is an electronic device at the end of the day.
  • Even though it is durable to an extent, you should treat your Roku player just like any other electronic device.
  • If not maintained properly, your device may not be as efficient as it used to be.
  • Honestly, maintaining your Roku device is not a heavy task and only takes a couple of minutes once in a blue moon.
  • Your Roku device over-heating is probably the most probable outcome if you haven’t touched your Roku device for ages.

Give this blog a glance to understand about Roku overheating and what to do if your Roku device is overheating.

How to Know if your Roku Device is Overheating or Getting too Hot?

Your device won’t suddenly shift from a cold Ruben to a hot chocolate. It will give out a few warning signs when it gets too hot for you to handle. Severe damage will occur if you continue to ignore these warning signs.

Roku Overheating
Roku Overheating
  • A solid red light will show on your Roku device to indicate that your Roku device is overheating.
  • Flashing red light means inadequate power supply to the device, so make sure you understand if it is a flashing red light or a solid red light before you proceed with the solution.
  • If you are using a Roku player and your Roku device is overheating, you will get a warning message on your device’s screen to indicate your Roku device is overheating.
  • Other than these, if you spot frequent glitches while streaming or any hiccups on your interface, it is time to check if your Roku device is overheating.
  • Even higher-end models, when not maintained properly, can affect your streaming experience. This even includes Roku stick overheating, Roku Ultra overheating, Roku Express overheating.. etc.

What To Do If Your Roku Overheating?

There are few easy fixes for the Roku overheating issue. Follow the steps below if your Roku device is overheating. Before proceeding with the troubleshooting steps, make sure the device is not too hot to handle. It is not a common sight, but if it happens, make sure you take necessary precautions.

  • Detach your Roku device from the power source.
  • Delink all the cables running from/to your Roku device.
  • If you’ve mounted your Roku device using an adhesive strip, then it is better to demount the Roku device.
  • Now, keep your Roku device aside and allow the device to cool it down.
  • Leave the device undisturbed for at least 10 to 15 minutes before you hook it up with the power source.
  • If the red light or the warning message still pops up, repeat the steps above one more time, and it will definitely help you with your situation.
  • Try to power off the device when not in use.

What Not To Do If Your Roku Device Overheating?

There are some things that you should not do if your Roku device is overheating.

  • Do not keep the Roku player inside a cabinet.
  • Also, avoid keeping the device in a closed space.
  • Do not keep the device on top of another electronic device.
  • There is a good chance that the heat from the other electronic device can transmit to the Roku player.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure of the device in direct sunlight.

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