The Roku mobile application is available for the free of cost which you can download and install it on both the Android and iOS device. After installing the mobile app on the mobile device, you can use your mobile device to control your Roku streaming player or Roku TV. If you wish to control the Roku device via the mobile app is to choose your Roku device first. To choose the device, you need to discover the device from the screen which appears as soon as you launch the app.

As if you do not get the Roku device on the screen, then you cannot control the Roku device via the Roku remote app. Here are some reasons and steps to resolve the Roku mobile app not working issue.

What May Cause The Roku Mobile App Not Working?

Roku Mobile App not working issue
Roku Mobile App not working issue

Before checking all the possible ways for this issue. You need to check the network access first for this issue. Make sure that you need to check that network is disabled on the Roku device.

  • Tap on the home screen button on the Roku remote
  • Then choose the settings option, and choose the system option.
  • Prefer the advanced settings system option
  • Now select the external control and then tap on the network access.
  • Ensure that you default or permissive is preferred to use the mobile app

What Is The Troubleshooting Issue That Causes The Roku Mobile App Not Working?

Even after checking the network availability, if you still face the issue on the Roku mobile app, you need to check the below-given causes

  • Make sure that you connect both the device and the mobile to the same network. As the Roku mobile app works only if the network of both devices is the same. After this process, only you can start to control the device via the Roku remote app
  • If your Roku device is using the pubic IP address, you may not be able to control the device using the Roku remote app. This can be sorted only via if the device is working by using the private IP address. To check this, you can follow the below-given guidelines

Navigate to the settings from the home page and then choose the network option. And then select the about option on the Roku device. Check whether that the Roku device is under the private or public IP address. So change the IP address if it is in the public IP address

  • Make sure that your mobile device is connected to the VPN. This is generally used to connect the network the mobile or computer device to connect to your work network while you are working from home. If this VPN is turned on, then the Roku mobile app may not work. To disable this function to resolve the issue and then connect to the Roku device after you can make visible the device on the list
  • Check that you have enabled the Access point on the device. This may cause the device to stop the communication of the wireless network. So check the manual of the router and then disable the settings on the router.

Final Measures To Resolve The Roku Mobile App Not Working Issue

  • If the issue still persists on the Roku, then you need to connect the Roku device manually. On the bottom of the discovery screen. You need to choose the connection manually option and then provide the IP address of your Roku device.
  • As you could not able to connect the Roku device to the network, you need to process the steps to restart your Roku device
  • You can also restart the Roku mobile app. If you are using the android device, you need to press the recent buttons and then close the Roku app. Once it is closed, you need to launch the Roku app again
  • If it is the ios device, then you need to double click on the iOS home button. Then close the Roku app on the ios device. After you close the app, you need to launch the Roku app on the ios device.

For more details on the Roku mobile app not working get in touch with our expert team  or visit support and resolve the issues on the Roku device.


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